Frequently Asked Questions

How to select developers

First, solve the problem. Then, write the code

How Do We Select Developers?

First of all, developing software is the work of both men and women. That is why in general sense-making applications usually is expensive, while the quality is highly dependent on the knowledge, experience, and competencies of the software engineers. In addition to the technical competencies. RootPointers is known in this part of the industry, as we started by solving a problem and solving it fast enough. Therefore we have the expertise to manage the whole process. The so-called “soft skills” are also important; the ability to communicate well and work together in a team. Without the use of soft skills, our values do not align with each other.

One of the true tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem

Importance Of Project Management?

A project manager is responsible to solve the following blosks:

Quality comes first

How Do You Guarantee Product Quality?

We evaluate the result after every two weeks, we test our work we conduct both development and acceptance tests, we present it to you, we apply your feedback so you know you get what you are paying for.

A quality product does precisely what the users want it to do. For software products, the fitness of use is generally explained in terms of satisfaction of the requirements laid down in the SRS document.