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Quality assurance testing is quality assurance(QA) or a top quality testing process that ensures that a corporation delivers the simplest products or services possible. QA aims to deliver consistent results through a group of standardized procedures, which suggests that organizations also got to confirm that their processes for achieving the specified results hit specific quality benchmarks themselves.

In brief, you would possibly say that QA includes all activities that focus on implementing standards and procedures related to ensuring that software meets a particular set of requirements before it’s released to the general public The key thing to stay in mind is that QA doesn’t involve the particular testing of products. Instead, it focuses on the procedures to make sure the simplest outcome. QA activities are ultimately process oriented.

For that purpose there are many quality assurance and testing companies in USA but RootPointers experts pay careful attention to quality assurance. 

What Is Quality Control?

Quality Control, or QC, may be a software engineering process, typically wont to make sure the quality of the products or services. It’s a touch different than QA, in that, where quality assurance is about the method internal control examines the standard of the top products. QC consists of product-oriented activities that specialize in the ultimate outcome. the target of internal control is to make sure the merchandise design meets the wants and specifications of the purchasers .

If QC should find a problem with the top product, it ideally should be resolved before the end-customer receives the ultimate product. to place it simply, QC includes everything involved in ensuring that a product or service meets the quality quality requirements and therefore the demands of consumers . It involves testing the effectiveness and outcomes of an actual product, like executing software after the software development process to seek out and fix defects before making it publicly available. The activities of internal control are product oriented.

Strategy And Setup



The first stage of quality assurance is the planning. Our QA specialists carefully analyze your business model to devise a strategy for testing it. The testing will also be planned out before any execution takes place. The planning stage allows experts to detect any disparities and prevent errors in the execution phase.

Record Keeping

At RootPointers, our QA engineer manage all document strategy in detail so that it’s easily accessible and understandable to all group members. If there are any modifications to the client’s requirements or the records, they will instantly be available to all team members. The test cases are written down in documentation tools such as Zephyr. These records allow our testers to be aware of the every tiny steps that are to be taken to test the system for quality assurance.


Ongoing Integration

Manual Debugging

We manually test the product at every stage of its development to ensure that every error is detected and corrected there and then. Our QA specialists will test all major and minor aspects of the product to make best of the final product is free from errors. 

Testing Experts At Work

Automated Testing

We also offer automated testing solutions for your mobile and web applications. These automated solutions offer perfect and fast results after an in-depth analysis of your application.  Our specialists make test cases just like  to actual user responses to test software which will generate reports based on these test cases. That is very compulsory for web design and development or software as well for high quality purpose.

Testing Experts At Work

API Testing

We apply automated systems to test the APIs you use for your applications. Automation allows the results for API testing to be created flawlessly and without delays.